An issue in all Windows systems might leak the user's Windows login and password information. This is especially critical if the user is using a Microsoft account because this is linked to a number of other services the user may be using.

10 Jul 2018 A DNS leak is a privacy and anonymity threat that can allow your ISP to see and monitor your online activity even when you have a VPN tunnel  22 Oct 2018 hi. title .router rog AC-5300 vpn dns leak. I set everything on vpn fusion and in the WAN section the DNS of NORDVPN. dns1  11 Jun 2019 Learn what a DNS leak is, how to test for DNS leaks, and how to use your FlashRouter to prevent your DNS from leaking to your ISP. Just like:, However, I know these are online services which can be used but i want something which can be run on my  Thankfully, a DNS leak test could easily find out if your ISP is using a transparent DNS proxy. The other type of DNS hijacking is when a cybercriminal takes control  

10 Dec 2019 I had the same issue, this solved my problem in Windows 10: In short, edit the local group Policy and turn off Smart Multi-Homed Name 

Does this mean that my real ISP can not see the logs of my internet activity, and can my VPN ISP see what i am doing either? Edit 1: according to 

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How ? If your DNS quarries are leaking or VPN connection is not properly configured. In this tutorial we are going test DNS leak and fix  DNS Leak Protection with VPN. Example of a water leak If you care about online privacy it is imperative to stay safe from DNS leaks. DNS is short form